James Boelens

James R Boelens Jr. for
Colorado State House District 18

Thank you Delegates

My name is Jim Boelens and I set out to build a platform we could all stand on - and I believe we started that today.

I am so humbled and honored to win the support of the HD18 delegates today. I am gracious to have met so many of you along the way to this victory and who helped me make it into the primary. I'm also thankful for the other folks who put their necks out there and tried to get on the ballot. Participation in our electoral processes and competition are essential for a thriving democracy. We should commend them for their efforts as well as many of the other great republicans from all walks of life and backgrounds who have united behind me to gain the HD18 seat.

Speaking of thriving, that's what I want for this great state. As a general contractor and independent construction worker, I can tell you Colorado has a strong foundation but boy does she need work. My campaign slogan is to "build a platform that we can all stand on" and that's what we are going to do.


Jim Boelens
Candidate: HD18

Who is Jim Boelens?

Jim is the proud father of 2 boys, grandfather of 6, his better half is a U.S. Veteran of 22 years. As a ten year old, he started his own lawncare business. At age 21 he built a DJ service that entertained at weddings, major music venues, and junior high dances. Jim then started his own construction at the age of 26 and after moving to Colorado he created a free poker league where he hired single parents, seniors on Social Security and several homeless who have since made a life for themselves. Jim has also helped a friend with a trucking business travelling the front range, seeing the negative impact that our open borders and our legislators are having on small businesses.

Jim has never run for office before and now that he is in his 60's views this as a way to give back to the community that he's called home for the last 20 years. His emphasis on supporting Colorado's youth stems from time as a Boy Scout assistant troop leader, youth baseball coach, and mentor to apprenticing tradesmen. Jim has seen first hand how many bright kids had not so bright futures because the school system failed to adequately prepare them for life outside of a classroom. He believes that something needs to be done. Jim's supporters are not rich elitists in Denver, they are not crony politicians - his supporters are normal people. Friends from working on job sites, happy clients who are able to stand on the same deck that he built for them 20 years ago, and kids he mentored that are now successful adults.

Now that he is almost done building someone's addition to their dream home, it's time for him to build a platform we can all stand on. It's simple: grow the middle class and invest in our kids.